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    Why are Alvium 1800 U cameras the best choice for cost-sensitive machine vision applications? In our Webinar you will get the answers!

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    Alvium 1800 U – your entry into high-performance imaging with ALVIUM® Technology for industrial applications. The compact USB3 Vision cameras feature the highest image quality at an unbeatable price.

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    · Sony IMX183
    · ON Semi AR0521


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    · High-performance sensors
    · ALVIUM® image processing
    · USB3 Vision interface
    · Wide range of hardware option
    · Excellent value for money

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Alvium 1800 USB - New perspectives on Machine Vision

Alvium 1800 U is your key to advanced machine vision applications. Its small design coupled with onboard image processing makes this series the first choice for industrial applications. Unlike the FPGAs commonly used in machine vision cameras, the ALVIUM® SoC combines high performance with low power consumption. This provides you with a whole new set of perspectives when it comes to applications ranging from medical imaging, traffic monitoring, science and research, quality inspection and much more.

Alvium Camera Models
S-Mount lenses

Versatility for an astonishingly low price – The Alvium 1800 U

Alvium 1800 U cameras offer much more than their small size would suggest. Equipped with high-performance sensors and a comprehensive image processing library (IPL), these lightweight and compact cameras are not only extremely versatile but also come packed with high-performance features.


Offering high value for money, they are available at an unbeatable price.


The Alvium 1800 U series starts from only 190$ / 159€!

Benefits at a glance

  • Small size, low power consumption
  • Micro-B USB 3.1 Gen 1 connector with screw locks for industrial applications
  • Precise sensor-to-lens mount alignment
  • Standard M3 mounting holes for top and bottom mounting, standard M2
  • Single board bare board camera version
  • Shock and vibration proof design
  • Unbeatable value for money



With a wide range of ten camera models to choose from, there is an Alvium 1800 U Series camera perfectly suited to your needs. Use our handy camera selector, to choose the camera you want before selecting hardware options such as housing, mount options and USB port location.


Choose between:

  • Different types of Sony and ON Semi sensors
  • Resolutions from 0.4 to 20.2 megapixels
  • Frame rates from 17 to 281 fps
  • Closed housing, open housing or as a bare board
  • C-Mount, CS-Mount or the compact S-Mount
SensorResolutionFrame RateOrder now
Alvium 1800 U-040IMX287 Global Shutter CMOS0.4 MP281 fpsGet your quote
Alvium 1800 U-050ON Semi PYTHON 4800.5 MP115 fpsGet your quote
Alvium 1800 U-120ON Semi AR0135CS1.2 MP52 fpsGet your quote
Alvium 1800 U-158IMX273 Global Shutter CMOS1.6 MP150 fpsGet your quote
Alvium 1800 U-240IMX392 Global Shutter CMOS2.4 MP126 fpsGet your quote
Alvium 1800 U-319IMX265 Global Shutter CMOS3.2 MP53 fpsGet your quote
Alvium 1800 U-500ON Semi AR0521SR5 MP67 fpsGet your quote
Alvium 1800 U-501m NIRON Semi AR05225 MP67 fpsGet your quote
Alvium 1800 U-507IMX264 Global Shutter CMOS5.1 MP34 fpsGet your quote
Alvium 1800 U-508IMX250 Global Shutter CMOS5.1 MP65 fpsGet your quote
Alvium 1800 U-1236IMX304 Global Shutter CMOS12.4 MP22 fpsGet your quote
Alvium 1800 U-1240Sony IMX226 Rolling Shutter CMOS
Alvium 1800 U-2050IMX183 Rolling Shutter CMOS20.2 MP17 fpsGet your quote

Perfectly connected – thanks to powerful software

Heard of Vimba, our future-proof and platform independent software development kit? Thanks to our in-house software you can easily integrate our cameras into any system and manage them centrally. Vimba runs on Windows, Linux and Linux for ARM. With Vimba, you can acquire images and control your Allied Vision camera instantly, but also program complex vision applications or connect to third-party libraries.


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Discover Allied Vision's industrial camera S-Mount lenses


A clever camera needs suitable accessories. First and foremost, a camera application depends on the quality of the lens. And when it comes to saving space, whether it's for robotics, the automotive industry or precision manufacturing such as pharmaceuticals, you are well equipped with our S-Mount lenses. With focal length values from 2.97 mm to 12 mm and a housing option to match, we offer the perfect combination for space-saving camera solutions.


Discover our S-Mount lenses!

ALVIUM® Technology – the innovative core to our cameras


One chip, unlimited possibilities! Our technology features on-board image pre-processing, significantly taking the load off your host computer. What is more, it combines the higher performance required to meet the demands of industrial applications with very low energy consumption. Combined with our software, ALVIUM® delivers the best image quality for your application.


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