Winning Team: New Manta Models with Sony CCD and CMOS Sensors

Allied Vision introduces new models in its Manta camera family, including the Manta G-235 with Sony’s brand new IMX174 CMOS sensor.

Allied Vision introduces two new models in its best-selling camera family, Manta. The Manta G-235 features Sony’s new IMX174 CMOS global shutter sensor and provides outstanding sensitivity. The Manta G-505 delivers high frame rates at 5 Megapixels resolution.

Manta G-235: Top sensor in top camera
Allied Vision designed the new Manta G-235 around Sony’s IMX174, the new benchmark for global shutter CMOS sensors, to deliver an amazing image quality. Sensitivity criteria such as its high quantum efficiency, very low noise, more than 70dB dynamic range and an extremely high saturation capacity outperform not only other CMOS sensors but also many CCD imagers. In order to deliver the full quality of this outstanding sensor architecture, the Manta G-235 delivers its image data at 12bit depth.

Not only does the Manta G-235 provide high resolution (2.3 Megapixels) and high image quality, it also delivers high speed. With 57 fps at Full-HD resolution (1920x1080), it is one of the fastest GigE Vision cameras in the market. Thanks to Allied Vision’s modular concept, the Manta G-235 is also available in  board level or angled head variants.

Manta G-505: 15 fps at 5 Megapixels
The new Manta G-505 is equipped with the Sony ICX625 CCD imager providing 5 Megapixels resolution and excellent image quality. Thanks to its advanced tap balance technology, the Manta G-505 delivers 15 fps, a high frame rate with respect to its high resolution.

Like all models of the Manta family, Manta G-235 and Manta G-505 stand out of the crowd with their modular design, best-in-class sensor alignment and rugged industrial quality. For example, they are equipped with opto-isolated I/O ports and can be powered with industrial voltage up to 24 Volts. With their optional Power over Ethernet capability, they may also be powered directly via the GigE cable. All this makes these cameras top choices for industrial inspection applications such as the automotive, electronics or food industry.

Manta cameras are easy to integrate into an imaging system thanks to Allied Vision’s Software Development Kit, VIMBA. Available free of charge, VIMBA is compatible with all popular image-processing libraries.


Manta G-235 Manta G-505
Sensor type1/1.2“ CMOS2/3“ CCD
SensorSony IMX174Sony ICX625
Resolution1936 × 1216
2,3 MPixel
2452 x 2056
5 MPixel
Frame rate50.7 fps15 fps