Survey Shows High Customer Satisfaction for AVT

Independent customer satisfaction survey shows customer satisfaction above 90% for Allied Vision Technologies.

Allied Vision Technologies confirms its leadership in product and service quality. The leading machine vision camera manufacturer appointed, an independent online market research institute based in Luzern, Switzerland, to measure its performance by conducting an international customer satisfaction survey. A representative panel of distributors, direct and indirect customers around the world was asked for their opinion on AVT’s products and services.

High satisfaction for products and service
On the question “How satisfied are you overall with AVT?” 90.16% replied “satisfied” or “very satisfied”, the remaining 9.84% settling for “moderately satisfied”. Nearly 40% of all are “very satisfied”.

Rafael Meier, CTO of, analyzed the results: “Product satisfaction is very high. The large product range, camera functionalities and their reliability are the main reasons for customer satisfaction (more than 80% are satisfied or very satisfied). However, service satisfaction is even higher”, he said. “50% of the panel gave the highest grade (very satisfied) to Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support. Obviously, AVT provides a very high level of service to their customers”.

Although satisfaction scores for delivery were high too (above 70% on average), they were not as high as for products and service and below the overall customer satisfaction score, indicating where the company still has room for improvement.

Quality leadership
“Allied Vision Technologies is committed to providing the best product and service quality in the machine vision market”, commented Michael Cyros, Chief Commercial Officer of Allied Vision Technologies. “The results of the survey show that we are on track but we still want our customers not to be just satisfied – we want them to be enthusiastic about AVT. Thanks to this survey, we could prioritize our effort and have taken actions to improve those aspects where satisfaction was lowest. We will keep measuring our performance on a regular basis to monitor our progress”.