One big happy family: AVT Manta camera series grows by seven new models

Allied Vision Technologies expands its best-selling camera family by seven new models with Multitap-Tap CCD and CMOS sensors.

At the VISION 2012 trade show, Allied Vision Technologies will present a variety of new models of its best-selling Manta, a  robust and flexible digital camera for industrial imaging.

High-Resolution Multi-Tap CCD Sensors
AVT is presenting five new Manta models with the newest generation of Sony EXview HAD CCD II sensors in higher resolution ranges of up to 9.2 megapixels.

The Manta G-282 with 2.8 megapixel resolution is equipped with the new ICX687 EXview HAD CCD II sensor from Sony. This compact sensor chip (1/1.8“) distinguishes itself with especially high sensitivity in the near-infrared range. Manta G-282 delivers 30 frames per second at full resolution (1936 x 1458) in dual-tap read-out mode. At full HD resolution (1920x1080), the camera delivers as high as 35 fps.

The Manta G-283 delivers up to 35 fps at full HD resolution, using the 2/3” Sony ICX674 EXview HAD CCD II sensor and even greater sensitivity with the use of a larger image pixel.

Third up is the Manta G-505. With the Sony ICX625 Super HAD CCD sensor, this camera delivers 15 images per second at full resolution (5 megapixels – 2448 x 2050 pixels). It is ideally suited for high-resolution industrial inspection tasks.

The 6 megapixel Manta G-609 is equipped with Sony’s ICX694 sensor with EXview HAD CCD II technology. It delivers outstanding image quality with reduced smear, high quantum efficiency and NIR sensitivity.

With 9.2 megapixel resolution in a compact format, the Manta G-917 closes the gap between conventional machine vision cameras and those with very high resolution that use 35mm full format sensors (such as the new Prosilica GT6600 with 29 megapixels). The Manta G-917 comes equipped with Sony’s newest 1/1“ ICX814 EXview HAD CCD II sensor.

CMOS sensors with optional NIR variants
Along with CCD sensors,  CMOSIS’s much-loved CMOS sensors  join the Manta family. The Manta G-223 (CMV2000, 2.2 megapixels) and Manta G-419 (CMV 4000, 4.2 megapixels) impress users with their high sensitivity and frame rates. Both models are also available in NIR variations with increased near-infrared sensitivity.

Attractive cost/performance ratio
Like all cameras in the family, the new Manta models offer an especially attractive cost/performance ratio. They are equipped with a high-output GigE Vision interface and numerous optimization functions. Manta cameras are available with a variety of resolutions and sensor sizes, and offer a wide range of modular options – such as angled heads or board-level camera versions or Power over Ethernet, allowing them to be flexibly and easily integrated into any application. The new Dual-Tap models (with the exception of the Manta G-505) can be optionally read out in Single-Tap or Dual-Tap mode. They have three lookup tables (for individual R, G, and B settings) and color correction as well as an optimal interpolation within the camera itself.