New blog post: 1989: An Upbeat Atmosphere in Germany

In the same year that the Wall came down, the company that would later unify offices in East and West German locations under the name Allied Vision Technologies was founded.

The story of Allied Vision Technologies’ success begins in Alzenau, a small city near Frankfurt am Main. On February 3, 1989, Manfred Sticksel started his own company called Manfred Sticksel CCD-Kameratechnik GmbH. Although industrial imaging was in its infancy, Sticksel recognized the enormous growth potential that lay within it.

Sticksel negotiated distribution agreements with notable Japanese camera manufacturers to sell their products in the German market. It soon became apparent that standard cameras did not meet the demands of all customers; applications were too multifaceted, too particular. Sticksel responded to his customers’ wishes and began to modify camera hardware as needed – a cable outlet on the side instead of an interface plug on the back, for example. These extras in service and flexibility were rewarded with success.

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