New: Allied Vision Manta G-1236 with 12 Megapixel Sony CMOS sensor

High resolution camera incorporates the high-quality Sony IMX304 CMOS sensor with Pregius global shutter technology

GigE vision camera Manta G-1236

Following the recently released Manta G-895, the new high resolution Manta G-1236 camera expands the versatile Manta camera family. Allied Vision is one of the first camera manufacturers to offer the 12 mega pixel CMOS sensor from Sony in a GigE Vision camera.

High resolution and excellent image quality

The Manta G-1236 incorporates the IMX304 CMOS sensor out of Sony’s popular PregiusTM series. This image sensor has a resolution of approximately 12.3 megapixels (4112 x 3008) with a pixel size of 3.45µm. Like all Pregius sensors, it delivers an unprecedented image quality for a CMOS sensor, equaling or even outperforming comparable CCD sensors. The IMX304 has a high saturation capacity and very low noise resulting in exceptional dynamic range. The Manta G-1236 achieves up to 9.7 frames per second at full resolution. Higher frame rates are possible by reducing the region of interest.

Rich feature set and high versatility
With the new Manta G-1236, users can take advantage of the benefits of this new sensor along with the flexibility of Allied Vision’s Manta platform. The camera offers a comprehensive feature set including image processing functions, which can be used, for example, to increase contrast or to improve the color reproduction. In addition, the camera supports Action Commands, which can be used to trigger the camera via the Ethernet port (Trigger over Ethernet - ToE). As a result, the camera can be operated via a single cable, as demonstrated by Allied Vision at the VISION show in Stuttgart last November.

Thanks to the Manta’s modular concept, users can choose from a large variety of hardware options including Power over Ethernet, angled heads, optical filters, lens mounts, and a board-level variant for easy integration. Easy integration is also granted on the software side: the Manta G-1236 is supported by all popular image-processing libraries and Allied Vision’s Vimba software development kit allows easy configuration with its new intuitive user interface.

The new Manta G-1236 is now available in both monochrome and color camera models.

Manta G-1236 at a glance: