Medical Informatics Student wins AVT-Sponsored Fokusfinder Award 2013

Maximilian Blendowski, B.Sc. at Lübeck University (Germany) awarded 1,000 € prize for his bachelor thesis on image processing in medical applications.

From left to right: Prof. Dr. S. Hußmann (Initiative Bildverarbeitung), M. Blendowski, B.Sc., Henning Haider (AVT)

The Fokusfinder awards were created by “Initiative Bildverarbeitung e.V.”, a regional machine vision association of leading companies, universities and research institutes in the greater Hamburg Germany region. The prize rewards outstanding bachelor, master and doctor theses of local students involving imaging technologies.

As a member of the association with its Ahrensburg R&D Center, Allied Vision Technologies sponsored the award for the best bachelor thesis. This year’s winner is Maximilian Blendowski, B.Sc., student at the Institute for Medical Information Technology at the Lübeck University. The subject of his thesis was the simulation and evaluation of an image processing system to predict marginal organ movement as a result of breathing.

With every breath a patient takes, some parts of his or her body move slightly and with them the tumor that they may carry. Blendowski’s work investigates using image processing to analyze these minimal movements in order to target treatments such as irradiation of cancer tumors even more precisely.

“I am very proud to present this award to Maximilian Blendowski in the name of Allied Vision Technologies and Initiative Bildverarbeitung”, said Henning Haider, R&D Director at AVT’s Ahrensburg office. “Such young talents deserve to be encouraged. His work is yet another demonstration of how digital image processing can be used in the medical area to help save lives”.