"If you like an open and honest environment, Allied Vision is the right place for you"

Bernardo Luck enjoys Allied Vision's international working environment as an Application Engineer in Ahrensburg, Germany.

Hi Bernardo, please introduce yourself and let us know about your career path and current role at Allied Vision?

In 2013, I was an Application Engineering student at Allied Vision. During this time, I made friends with many of my colleagues.  The company has a great atmosphere and I was happy to accept an offer of employment two years later.

What are your duties as an Application Engineer?

Mainly, I advise our customers with any of their product challenges. I help with all technical questions from both our customers and our sales colleagues. My responsibilities are to prepare the content of our presentations for customer trainings. For trade fairs, I prepare demos, to demonstrate our products.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

With our customers and colleagues, I feel the multicultural experience as extremely exciting. You must adapt to the different ways of thinking of the customers and find the right "tone". It is also interesting to think in in the technical tasks and to find new ideas for solutions. Internally, we constantly exchange ideas with our colleagues, which is also great.

How did you come to know about Allied Vision?

I heard about it from fellow students.

Do you need a university degree for your job?

I studied electrical engineering with a focus on telecommunications. But you could have electrical engineering, computer science, or a programme that includes hardware design and software development.

How would you describe the company culture of Allied Vision?

We have a multi-cultural working environment at Allied Vision because we are represented in Europe, North America and Asia. And despite the size of the company, I feel communication with each other as very nice, helpful and easy.

What advice can you give to other candidates?

Bring your passion and skill to complete your tasks and tackle challenges. If you like an open and honest environment, Allied Vision is the right place for you.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

With my growing experience and knowledge, I would like to take on more responsibility, gain more experience and possibly lead a team.