"I would always choose to do my apprenticeship at Allied Vision..."

Jakob Berger completes his apprenticeship as a specialist for warehouse logistics at our company headquarter in Stadtroda. He likes the opportunity to constantly improve his English skills through the internationality of the company!

Hello Jakob, can you please introduce yourself?
My name is Jakob Berger, I am 19 years old and I have been an apprentice for one year now as a specialist for warehouse logistics at Allied Vision.

In which areas are you involved as a specialist for warehouse logistics?
On the one hand I work in the so-called "work preparation". There I assemble parts of our cameras and hand them over to production, where they are programmed and assembled.
In addition, I am responsible for packing the finished cameras, including accessories, within the shipping department.

What are your first impressions of Allied Vision?
I am completely satisfied to have chosen Allied Vision as my apprenticing company. It gives me the feeling that I am taken care of. The company provides us apprentices with additional English lessons during working hours and enables us to participate in various training opportunities. I am also very impressed by the working atmosphere. Since my first day with Allied Vision I feel welcome and I can see that the employees work together in a team.

What do you think sets Allied Vision apart from other training companies?
Allied Vision is a very modern company. We are always working on improving and renewing processes. In addition to this, Allied Vision is very international. This encourages and helps all apprentices to improve their English communication during their apprenticeship but also afterwards in their professional life.

If you had the opportunity, would you decide again for an apprenticeship at Allied Vision?
If I had the chance, I would choose Allied Vision again. I enjoy my work here very much and I was able to make new contacts quickly. I also really like the apprenticeship as a specialist for warehouse logistics. There is a lot of variety between the individual positions and I also have the opportunity to work independently.