Flood in Statdroda, Germany: No Damage at AVT Facilities

Heavy rains caused serious floods in the city of Stadtroda, Germany on Friday, May 31 and the following days. AVT headquarters and production were not damaged. No significant delivery delays expected.

The exceptionally rainy spring has caused serious floods in several regions of Germany, including East-Thuringia, where Allied Vision Technologies’ headquarters and production facilities are located. The Roda River in Stadtroda flooded large parts of the city on Friday, May 31.

Fortunately, the water did not reach AVT’s buildings and no damage was registered there. Volunteer AVT staff spent the week-end on site 24h/24h to monitor the situation and preventively protect the infrastructure. On Monday, June 3, the situation was under control and authorities expected the water level to start going down again.

No significant delays expected
As the site is fully operational, production could resume on Monday, June 3 as usual. However, AVT’s Stadtroda site had to be shut down on Friday for safety reason. “We do not expect significant delays in deliveries as we will catch up for the lost production shifts within the coming days”, says Gerd Völpel, Chief Operations Officer of Allied Vision Technologies. “We will inform each customer on the situation of their order individually”.