E3TAM Wins TESİD 2012 Innovation & Creativity Award

AVT-partner in Turkey receives industry award for its glass tableware inspection system O2KS. O2KS relies on 6 digital cameras from Allied Vision Technologies.

TESID, the Turkish Electonic Manufacturers’ Association is one of the biggest professional associations in Turkey with sales of its member companies expected to reach $45 billion in 2013. Every year the association rewards only a couple of distinguished projects among tens of nominations.

In 2012, one of the Innovation and Creativity Awards of the association was granted to E3TAM for its O2KS project which is the world’s first and most advanced solution for cold-end / tableware glass inspection. Using AVT Guppy PRO and Stingray cameras, sophisticated lighting and an advanced image processing software, O2KS has been sucessfully implemented at leading glass tableware manufacturers in Turkey.

Founded in 1995, E3TAM is a pioneering company for PC-based test systems in Turkey. With a long history of successful projects in industrial vision, E3TAM is focusing on specific inspection solutions (i.e. glass, pharmaceutical, etc). E3TAM is Allied Vision Technologies’ distribution partner in Turkey.