AVT to Showcase High-Performance Cameras at Vision China 2014

Allied Vision Technologies presents the next generation of its Goldeye infrared cameras, expanded Mako entry-level range and new Prosilica GT models with lens control.

Allied Vision Technologies will be exhibiting at the Vision China show from March 18-20 in Shanghai, China. The leading camera manufacturer will showcase a number of new models in all market segments – from the robust entry-level Mako series to the new Goldeye short-wave infrared camera for advanced imaging applications.

Next Generation Goldeye: the new benchmark for infrared imaging
Visitors of the AVT booth can discover the all-new Goldeye short-wave infrared camera (SWIR). This camera is designed for advanced industrial and scientific infrared imaging applications such as semiconductor or solar cell inspection, laser profiling and more.

The new Goldeye is fitted with an InGaAs sensor with sensitivity between 900 and 1,700 nm wavelengths. Thanks to its on-board image correction and optimization functions, it delivers high quality images that are second to none in the industry.

The rugged hardware is designed for the tough requirements of industrial machine vision. For example, the built-in sensor cooling works without a fan and the screwed interface port allows for a secure connection. The ultra-compact form factor fitting screw threads on all sides make the integration into an image processing system particularly easy. With its 12-pin Hirose I/O port, the new Goldeye opens many possibilities for trigger and synchronization with other system components. The new Goldeye features a GigE Vision compliant Gigabit Ethernet interface and supports Power over Ethernet, which simplifies cabling by powering the camera via the data cable.

Prosilica GT: Canon EF-Mount lens control for variable focus and iris
Another highlight of AVT’s booth in Shanghai is the new EF-Mount option available on high-resolution models of the Prosilica GT camera series. With this new lens mount, standard motorized lenses can be controlled via the camera to image in different focus areas. The settings can be remotely adjusted via the AVT software development kit. This function can be particularly useful in traffic applications to monitor several lanes and may also be used in specific industrial applications to replace several cameras focused on different focal points.

Mako: Small housing, big quality
The Mako is an industrial GigE camera with an excellent price/performance ratio. Mako cameras have the same compact form factor and the same mounting positions as many analog cameras so they can easily be integrated as a replacement in an existing system. All models include Power over Ethernet, three optocoupled outputs, and a 64 MB image buffer. In spite of their small size and affordable price, Mako cameras comply to the highest industrial standards with a high-quality, rugged hardware and best-in class sensor alignment for highest optical precision.

At Vision China, Allied Vision Technologies presents new models of this popular series with new CCD and CMOS sensors offering resolution from 0.3 to 5 Megapixels.

Strong presence in China
Allied Vision Technologies is a strong player in the Chinese machine vision market and feels at home in Shanghai, where its Chinese sales and support office is located. Along with its two distribution partners China Daheng and Metron Imaging, AVT offers a high level of service and support to Chinese customers locally.

Booth #1140, Hall E1
Vision China
March 18-20, 2014
Shanghai New International Expo Center, Hall E1, Shanghai, China