AVT Releases Image-Pro Capture Driver v2.0

The driver enables image aquisition from many Allied Vision Technologies cameras from within different Media Cybernetics software solutions like Image-Pro-Plus or Premier, and provides access to the available camera features.


With this driver, users of Image-Pro software gain access to the wide product range of scientific and machine vision cameras provided by AVT, e.g.:

  • Cooled cameras with resolutions between 1,3 and 11MP (Bigeye series)
  • High resolution CCD and CMOS cameras up to 29MP (like Manta or Prosilica GT series)
  • Short and long wave IR-cameras (Gold- and Pearleye series)

Furthermore, an easy driver integration via installer executable, simple camera feature controls, and a comprehensive User Guide makes the AVT Image-Pro Capture Driver package a plug-and-play solution.

Supported Media Cybernetics Software Solutions

The AVT Image-Pro Capture Driver can be used with the following 32-bit Windows software solutions from Media Cybernetics:

  • Image-Pro Plus v7.0
  • Image-Pro Insight v8.0
  • Image-Pro Premier v9.0
  • Gel-Pro Analyzer v3.1+

About Media Cybernetics

Media Cybernetics is an AVT Certified Vision Software Solution Partner who develops image analysis software used in scientific industries and applications such as cell biology, microscopy, failure analysis, forensics, genomics/proteomics, materials analysis, neuroscience, pathology, pharmaceutical, semiconductor inspection and quality assurance.

For more information about Image-Pro software solutions and their features, please use the following link:

In addition, Gel-Pro Analyzer software enables the extraction of valuable qualitative and quantitative information from electrophoretic gels, blots and colonies.


The AVT Image-Pro Capture Driver is designed for the 32- and 64-bit Windows operating systems:   Windows 7 and XP.

ImageProCaptureDriver, User Guide, Release Notes