Allied Vision’s Vimba Suite now with Python Application Programming Interface

With the new Python API, Vimba Suite 4.0 enables rapid prototyping of vision applications

Vimba 4.0

Allied Vision has released a new version of its Software Development Kit Vimba. Vimba 4.0 offers a Python Application Programming Interface (API). In addition to the established APIs for C, C++ and .NET, developers can now also use the simple and clearly structured Python programming language to develop an image processing application quickly and easily. Thus, Allied Vision acknowledges the increasing importance of this popular programming language for application developers.

Getting results quickly

Especially in the test and prototyping phase of a development project, speed and responsiveness play a major role. To simplify the integration of Allied Vision cameras in applications, the Python API included in the Vimba Suite can now be used. Supported by numerous programming examples and clear documentation, a developer can quickly become familiar with the new API and can build on it.

The Python API is also available on as an open source project. Open-source users benefit from the availability of the current development version, can ask questions, express wishes and participate in the further development.

Python is an interpreted, higher-level programming language that claims to produce results quickly through simplicity, clarity and with short program code. Especially open source projects like OpenCV or deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and Pytorch offer interfaces to Python and are becoming increasingly popular. Python runs on embedded Linux and Windows platforms. With many plugins and free libraries, the possibilities are very extensive.

No compromise on performance

To achieve the best possible performance, Allied Vision has developed the Vimba Python API as a wrapper around the Vimba C API. On the one hand, the hardware-optimized connection to Allied Vision's cameras is used and on the other hand, an interface for Python developers is created, as they would expect it to be: no compromises in terms of artifacts from conversion tools or programming languages. Developers get an object-oriented Python API with integrated documentation that fits seamlessly into development environments, easy connectivity to OpenCV and NumPy to take advantage of their algorithms, support for multithreading and asynchronous image acquisition; and resource management that saves a lot of additional work.

The new Vimba Python API helps customers reduce development costs and development risk with prototyping and rapid results.