Securing deliveries during COVID-19 crisis

A statement by Peter Tix, Managing Director of Allied Vision, about measures taken by Allied Vision to secure deliveries during the COVID-19 crisis.

Peter Tix. Managing Director of Allied Vision

Dear valued partners and customers,

During this difficult time, I want to send our best wishes for your health and safety and that of your fellow employees and families.

In regards of the COVID-19 crisis we have defined several measures in order to protect the health and safety of our employees as well as secure our production sites, supply chain and services for customers in order to maintain the continuity of our deliveries and services.

We are committed to full compliance with any governmentally imposed restrictions on travel, meetings and events in all the countries in which we operate.
Additionally, we have set the following rules:


  • All non-production related staff around the world has been asked to work from home. Thanks to communication technology all our staff is connected via different channels and
    has access to our systems from home via laptops and other devices.
  • Video and Tele conferencing is replacing all direct meetings and travels.
  • All production related staff is on site to secure the complete production. All on-site staff is briefed on the strict hygiene rules. 
  • Additionally, we have installed disinfectant dispensers in nearly all production rooms and asked our staff to keep distance from each other according to the statutory requirements, and to strictly stay at home if not feeling well. 

Supply chain and order management:

  • All our departments are operational.
  • Our production staff are continuing to manufacture products as scheduled.
  • We maintain a large safety stock of our most critical components in order to prevent any supply disruptions from impacting our customers.
  • We are in particularly close contact with our critical suppliers, especially monitoring the ones located in the affected areas. In addition, we evaluate activities together with them to minimize the risk of disruption.
  • Our sales support team, together with our planning department are happy to provide estimated shipping dates in case of questions about an urgent order.

Technical support:

  • Our technical support teams remain available as usual.
  • In case of any questions please contact the support directly.

With these general measures in place, we will ensure that risks from this health crisis are minimized. As of today, there have been no major impacts on any of our operations. The circumstances regarding COVID-19 are very fluid therefore we will continue to monitor guidance from the health authorities in all our locations. We will inform you if any changes happen.

We hope you remain safe and in good health.

Peter Tix