Allied Vision to showcase high-bandwidth camera with CoaXPress interface at Japan Image Sensing Show 2018

Allied Vision exhibits at Image Sensing Show in Yokohama and showcases high-bandwidth Bonito PRO camera and cameras for embedded vision.

Bonito PRO

Allied Vision 1 Product Line board level version

Allied Vision participates on its second consecutive year at Image Sensing Show, from 13-15 June 2018 at Pacifico Yokohama booth #70.

High Bandwidth CoaXPress cameras

Allied Vision’s high-bandwidth camera series is equipped with 4 x CXP-6 high-speed connections which enables transmission up to 25 Gbps image data. The first two Bonito PRO series models support high-resolution ON Semi PYTHON CMOS sensors with 26.2 Megapixel and 12.5 Megapixel resolutions. Customers can choose between monochrome and color sensors, as well as an NIR extended option offering an increased sensitivity over the whole visible and near infrared spectral range.

The combination of ON Semi PYTHON CMOS sensors with the Bonito PRO’s rugged, fan-less housing design, and its comprehensive feature set make these cameras an ideal choice for high-definition imaging applications demanding high throughput, robustness, and design-in flexibility.

Allied Vision 1 Product Line, camera for embedded vision

The Allied Vision 1 product line is a camera platform which combines the performance of a machine vision camera and the size, power consumption and price of an embedded camera module. The 1 product line is a full range of digital cameras designed for embedded vision applications while fulfilling the high standards of industrial and scientific image processing.

At the core of the 1 product line is the unique ALVIUM® technology. ALVIUM® is a proprietary chip design optimized for advanced digital imaging combined with a comprehensive image processing library (IPL) reflecting more than 25 years of expertise in industrial image processing.

The first camera families powered by ALVIUM® technology based on this platform are the 130 and 140 series. Both camera series will be available with MIPI CSI-2 and USB3 Vision interface and a wide range of sensors.

Live Demonstrations

Visitors can experience cameras live in action at the Allied Vision booth. The 1 Product line demo consist of a program on Video4Linux2 (V4L2), OpenCV running on Nitrogen_6Max. Set at 15 fps, Allied Vision 130 C will be using real time algorithm to detect faces from live image. Bonito PRO X-2620C will be presented live, highlighting the high-bandwidth imaging, sequencer mode and multi ROI (multiple regions of interest) features.

More live demonstrations will also be available at Allied Vision’s partners booth: Aprolink Corporation, AD Science and DHT. Aprolink will be displaying Allied Vision’s Goldeye G-008 fitted with special band pass filter which demonstrates spectral imaging, identifying different materials that are indistinguishable within the visible range. Multi ROI demo featuring Allied Vision 130 camera series with CSI-2 interface will also be available on AD Science and DHT booth.


Image Sensing Show 2018 – booth #70
13-15 June 2018
Pacifico Yokohama
Yokohama, Japan