Allied Vision presents 9 new CMOS Cameras at VISION 2016

9 new models with newest CMOS sensors and high resolution up to 26 megapixels

Versatile Manta camera

Small Mako camera

Rugged Prosilica GT camera

From 8-10 November 2016, Allied Vision is presenting a total of 9 new camera models at the leading trade fair worldwide for imaging, located at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Center (Hall 1, Booth F62). These new models expand its offering of high-performance  GigE-Vision cameras. From the ultra-compact Mako camera family to the versatile Manta up to the rugged Prosilica GT, new models for every area of application will be presented.


New models with Sony’s Pregius CMOS sensors
The Manta camera family is expanding by four new models with the coveted CMOS sensor technology of Sony’s Pregius series. The new Manta G-1236 has the 12.3 Megapixel IMX304, and the new Manta G-895  has the 8.9 megapixel IMX267 sensor. The Manta G-319 is equipped with the Sony IMX265 (3.2 megapixel), and the Manta G-507 with the Sony IMX264 Sensor (5 megapixel). Sony’s Pregius series CMOS sensors excel with their outstanding sensitivity and image quality equal to that of a comparable CCD sensor. Moreover, all the new Manta models offer the new Trigger over Ethernet (ToE) function and can be connected with a single cable to the imaging system, thanks to optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) operation.

Additionally, the compact and economical Mako camera is now available with the Sony Pregius CMOS sensors IMX264 (Mako G-507) and IMX265 (Mako G-319) sensors.


High resloution cameras with OnSemi’s CMOS sensor technology
With three new models of the high-performance Prosilica GT camera, Allied Vision will exhibit further product highlights at the VISION booth for demanding, high-resolution imaging solutions. The new Prosilica cameras are equipped with Global Shutter CMOS sensors from ON Semiconductor. The 26.2 megapixel Prosilica GT5120 camera is equipped with the Python 25k sensor, the 16.7 megapixel Prosilica GT4096 with the Python 16k sensor, and the 12.5 megapixel Prosilica GT4090 with the Python 12k sensor. With these new models, Allied Vision has further expanded its leading position in the high-value, high-resolution camera segment.


Advantages of the newest CMOS sensor technology

With this product portfolio expansion, Allied Vision offers cameras with high-performance Global Shutter CMOS sensors for all demands and application areas. The new Global Shutter sensors exceed previously available CMOS sensors with their high saturation capacity and concurrent low image noise, thus distinguishing themselves with extraordinary dynamic range.  Thanks to their outstanding image quality, these new camera models are the most ideally suited candidates to replace CCD cameras with equal resolution and optical format.


The new high-resolution Pyhton CMOS sensors from On Semi have not only a clear cost advantage versus comparable CCD sensor technology; they are also the first high-resolution sensors available in an optional NIR version with increased sensitivity in the near-infrared range.


Camera Innovations at a Glance:




Image Rate


Mako G-319

Sony IMX265

3.2 megapixels

37 fps


Mako G-507

Sony IMX264

5.0 megapixels

23 fps


Manta G-895

Sony IMX267

8.9 megapixels

13 fps

December 2016

Manta G-1236

Sony IMX304

12 megapixels

9 fps

December 2016

Prosilica GT4090

ON Semi PYTHON 12k

12.5 megapixels

9 fps


Prosilica GT4096

ON Semi PYTHON 16k

16.7 megapixels

7 fps


Prosilica GT5120

ON Semi PYTHON 25k

26.2 megapixels

4 fps