8tree’s dentCHECK awarded top innovation 2015 Prize

German magazine inVISION honors innovative 3D scanner featuring Manta G-031 digital camera from Allied Vision.

Initiated by the German machine vision magazine inVISION, the Top Innovation Awards distinguish for the first time ground-breaking innovations in the image-processing industry. The winners were selected by the magazine’s editorial team as well as a panel of industry experts.

One of the ten winners was 8tree’s dentCHECK 3D surface inspection tool. This compact, portable device relies on structured light to perform a 3D scan of an object: a special grid pattern is projected on the surface and its distortion is captured by a camera. The particularity of 8tree’s technology is a patented approach by which the results of the measurement are projected directly on the surface of the object itself, to instantly deliver "go/no-go" actionable results. That way, for example, a bump in a car body will be highlighted with color and its dimensions, depth, etc. projected next to it. This makes the system extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

Fast measurement with fast camera
The measurement is performed within seconds thanks to the fast projection and capture of a sequence of patterns. 8tree selected a Manta G-031B monochrome camera from Allied Vision to capture the images at high frame rates (up to 125 fps at full VGA resolution).

8tree’s scanning technology is used for quality and safety inspection in automotive, aerospace and other industries to inspect dents, bumps, gaps and fastener flushness.

“Allied Vision congratulates the 8tree team for this award. We are proud to have contributed to this success with our imaging technology”, said Thomas Vogel, Sales Director Germany and Austria at Allied Vision.

Visitors of Allied Vision’s booth at VISION 2014 in Stuttgart could experience the system in a live demo, which will also be presented at the Vision China show in Shanghai from March 17-19, 2015.