Out now: Allied Vision's GigE camera Mako G with Sony IMX273 and IMX287 CMOS sensors

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Allied Vision expands its ultra-compact affordable Mako G camera family with two new CMOS camera models

Allied Vision expands its Mako G camera family with two new models incorporating second generation Sony ExmorTM CMOS sensors with PregiusTM global shutter pixel technology. The Mako G-158 incorporates the IMX273 sensor, offering a resolution of 1.58 megapixels and a frame rate of 75.2 fps at full resolution. The Mako G-040 is equipped with the IMX287 sensor delivering a resolution of 0.40 megapixels and a frame rate of 286 fps at full resolution. With a smaller Region of Interest, higher frame rates can be achieved.

These new Mako G models are especially suited for industrial applications that require increased accuracy for measurement tasks, especially fast-moving subjects. Due to their superior performance, these models will be the best candidates to replace existing CCD cameras with similar resolution and optical formats (for example, Mako G-032 or Mako G-125 models).

Faster frame rates and better image quality
In comparison to their CCD equivalents both CMOS Mako G cameras are much faster. The frame rate of the Mako G-040 is 2.8 times as high as the comparable CCD camera Mako G- 032. As for the frame rate of the new Mako G-158 the value is 2.5 times higher than the frame rate of the Mako G-125.

The Mako G-040 and Mako G-158 enable high quality imaging offering a wider dynamic range than the equivalent CCD models. A very low noise (down to a few electrons) and a high uniformity both in the dark signal as well as the photo response result in a high image quality.  The Mako G-040 benefits from the 6.9 μm pixel size which achieves increased sensitivity which allows for shorter shutter times.


Mako G-040 (NEW) versus Mako G-032

ModelMako G-040 (NEW)Mako G-032
SensorSony IMX287 ExmorSony ICX424
Sensor typeCMOSCCD
Shutter typePregius Global shutterGlobal shutter
Sensor sizeType 1/2.9Type 1/3
Pixel size6.90 μm × 6.90 μm7.4 μm × 7.4 μm
Resolution0.40 megapixel
728 (H) × 544 (V)
0.30 megapixel
658 (H) × 492 (V)
Frame rate286 fps102.3 fps


Mako G-158 (NEW) versus Mako G-125

ModelMako G-158 (NEW)Mako G-125
SensorSony IMX273 ExmorSony ICX445 EXview
Sensor typeCMOSCCD
Shutter typePregius Global shutterGlobal shutter
Sensor sizeType 1/2.9Type 1/3
Pixel size3.45 μm × 3.45 μm3.75 μm × 3.75 μm
Resolution1.58 megapixel
1456 (H) × 1088 (V)
1.2 megapixel
1292 (H) × 964 (V)
Frame rate75.2 fps30.3 fps


The Mako G cameras combine high image quality and compact form factor with a comprehensive feature set, including:

  • Region of Interest (ROI)
  • Binning and Decimation
  • Auto Exposure, Auto Gain, and Auto White Balance
  • Reverse X/Y

Mako G cameras – ultra-compact and affordable
The popular Allied Vision Mako G camera is known for both its compact form factor and a low price. Due to its small dimensions (29 mm × 29 mm) and various input and output options the flexible integration into existing systems is very easy. This makes the camera especially suitable for the use within complex system designs where space is limited and cost sensitive industrial applications like automated quality inspection or multimedia applications. All cameras have Power over Ethernet (PoE). Thanks to Allied Vision’s Vimba Software Development Kit they can be integrated and operated within diverse imaging processing systems very easily.