New: High-resolution Alvium 1800 USB cameras with attractive price-performance ratio

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Allied Vision expands the cost-effective Alvium camera series with USB3 Vision cameras with up to 20 megapixels

A total of four new Alvium cameras with a USB3 Vision interface expand Allied Vision's 1800 series. All models feature a powerful 2nd Gen Sony CMOS sensor with either Pregius Global Shutter technology or Rolling Shutter and offer an attractive price/performance ratio thanks to their compact design. The rolling shutter model incorporates the Sony IMX183 sensor with innovative back-illuminated sensor technology providing excellent low-light performance.

Cross-over machine vision camera

Allied Vision's Alvium 1800 series is a cross-over machine vision camera that combines the high performance and durability of machine vision cameras with the compact hardware and cost efficiency of embedded devices. These cameras, now available with Sony IMX CMOS sensors with up to 20 megapixel resolution, offer high frame rates, high sensitivity, and excellent image quality. With industrial-grade hardware, a USB3 vision-compatible interface with screw-locked connectors, built-in image correction functions and high-precision triggering, they meet all the requirements of industrial image processing.

They are also based on the Alvium platform from Allied Vision, which has been optimized for embedded vision systems. This means they have an ultra-compact, lightweight design and are available as single-board modules or with an open housing for easy integration into small systems. Their cost-optimized platform design offers an unprecedented price/performance ratio.

This makes the cameras the ideal choice for machine vision applications that require a ultra-compact and lightweight camera with high image quality and frame rates at an affordable price.


 Alvium 1800 U-319, 1800 U-507, 1800 U-1236 and 1800 U-2050 at a glance

Camera model1800 U-3191800 U-5071800 U-12361800 U-2050
SensorSony IMX265Sony IMX264Sony IMX304Sony IMX183
Resolution3.2 MP
2064 × 1544
5.1 MP
2464 × 2056
12.4 MP
4112 × 3008
20.2 MP
5496 × 3672
Pixel size3.45μm × 3.45μm3.45μm × 3.45μm3.45μm × 3.45μm2.4μm × 2.4μm
Sensor sizeType 1/1.8Type 2/3Type 1.1Type 1
Shutter type Global shutterGlobal shutterGlobal shutterGlobal reset and Rolling shutter
Framerate53 fps34 fps22 fps 17 fps


Excellent connectivity

With Allied Vision's Vimba Suite, USB cameras can be easily integrated into both PC-based and embedded systems. Vimba Suite offers a future-proof, platform-independent SDK for all Allied Vision cameras with USB3 Vision Interface. GenICam-based Transport Layer supports USB cameras and automatically connects them to third-party software solutions such as MATLAB, OpenCV, Halcon, CVB, and many more.

With these four new Alvium models, the Alvium 1800 series now includes nine USB camera models ranging from 0.4 to 20.5 megapixels, each available in monochrome or color including a 5 megapixel USB camera with a near-infrared optimized sensor.

All camera models are also available with a MIPI CSI-2 interface.