Alvium GigE Vision cameras now available with SWIR and UV sensitivity

Product News

With three new sensors, Allied Vision expands the spectral range of the Alvium G1 camera series

Allied Vision expands the sensor line-up for its GigE Vision Alvium G1 cameras series by introducing two Sony SenSWIR sensors and the IMX487 CMOS sensor with ultraviolet (UV) sensitivity from Sony.  With this extension, the Alvium G1 cameras series broadens its spectral range, now offering  imaging capabilities from 200nm  to 1700nm. As a result, it is suitable for various industrial and scientific applications. With a compact form factor of 29 mm × 29 mm x 41 mm the Alvium G1 series provides the smallest industrial grade SWIR and UV imaging cameras on the market. It is therefore ideally suited for building extremely compact OEM systems for machine vision applications.

SWIR sensitivity
Alvium G1-130 VSWIR and Alvium G1-030 VSWIR feature the IMX990 and IMX991 InGaAs based SWIR sensors. The two TEC-less SenSWIR sensors from Sony with VGA (IMX991) and SXGA (IMX990) resolution enable users to capture images with high quantum efficiency in the visible as well as the SWIR spectrum with a single camera, reducing overall system costs. The innovative architecture of the InGaAs digital sensors allows pixel sizes of only 5µm and high image homogeneity due to their copper-to-copper interconnects. The small pixel size is essential especially for SWIR applications with high resolution and precision requirements, such as semiconductor inspection or quality inspection of optics for laser-based measurement systems.

Ultraviolet sensitivity
The Alvium G1-812 UV camera comes with Sony’s 8 MP backside illuminated, global shutter IMX487 CMOS sensor specifically offered for UV applications and with a good response in that spectral range. With the industry ‘s smallest pixel size of only 2.74 μm, the cameras are able to detect the smallest details at high UV sensitivity. Combining small size and ultraviolet spectrum the camera is perfectly suited for UV applications such as battery inspection, UV microscopy, or forensic inspection.

New models at a glance

ModelSensorSpectral SensitivityResolutionFrame RatePixel SizeOptical Format
G1-812 UV
Sony IMX4870.2 – 0.4 µm8.1 MP
2856 x 2848
14 fps2.74 µm × 2.74 µmType 2/3
G1-030 VSWR
Sony IMX9910.4 – 1.7 µm0.3 MP
656 x 520
249 fps5 μm × 5 μmType 1/4
G1-130 VSWIR
Sony IMX9900.4 – 1.7 µm1.3 MP
1296 x 1032
86 fps5 μm × 5 μmType 1/2

Alvium platform
All Allied Vision Alvium cameras share the same platform. They are based on ALVIUM® Technology – a custom ASIC packed with unique features and 30 years of machine vision industry expertise. This offers highest flexibility for the development of any vision systems and makes it very easy to adjust and upgrade it when prototyping, upgrading or downgrading your system. Users benefit from:

  • Long-term availability
  • Easy migration between different series
  • Fast prototype development and time-to-market
  • Easy system integration
  • Same form factor (H x W: 29 mm x 29 mm) for all series
  • Industrial-grade hardware with screw locks
  • Small size, low weight, low power consumption