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Slow-motion playback

A few weeks ago we launched the Bonito PRO, a new high speed /high bandwidth camera series with CoaXPress Interface.
Four camera models featuring the ON Semi PYTHON 12K and 25K CMOS sensors, which include NIR options are currently available.
We put the 26.2 Megapixel Bonito PRO X-2620 camera to work to capture various scenes of daily life such as lighting a match, and pouring coffee and water at 650 frames per second. The videos below show the scenes at full speed, followed by a slow motion replay.


Learn more about the Bonito PRO

Bonito PRO is a brand new high speed / high-bandwidth camera series with CoaXPress Interface. Equipped with four CXP-6 high-speed connections the camera is capable to transmit 25 Gbps image data. Download the Bonito PRO technical specifications to find out more.



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