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Allied Vision announces new Mako G model with Polarization Sensor Technology

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At VISION 2018, Allied Vision gives first insights into its new camera equipped with polarization filter technology from Sony.

Allied Vision presents a new camera with polarization technology at VISION 2018 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center from 6 to 8 November 2018 (Hall 1, Booth D30). The new Mako G-508 POL camera is equipped with a PolarsensTM 5.0 Megapixel IMX250MZR/MYR (monochrome or color) CMOS sensor from Sony. With the new polarizer camera Allied Vision offers a cost-effective tool to unveil features not visible with conventional imaging solutions.

Improving visibility with polarization image data
The IMX250MZR/MYR CMOS sensor incorporates the latest four-directional polarization filter technology from Sony. The on-chip nanowire polarizing layer supports four orientations (0°, 45°, 90°, and 135°) so that each pixel of the sensor captures polarized light in relation to its specific wire-grid axis. Four pixels together build a calculation unit to determine for each pixel the intensity and angle of polarization, similar to the debayering of an RGB or color sensor.

By using polarized image data, reflections that make the inspection of surfaces difficult can be reduced, contrast can be enhanced in lowlight conditions to detect shapes, and various material properties can be detected, like stress, composition, or surface structure. The Mako G-508 POL enables an eased usability to gather polarization imaging data, as replacement or manual rotation of polarization filters is not necessary anymore. It also reduces costs due to a minimized system setup, compared to traditional polarization imaging methods.


Mako G-508 POL at a glance

ModelMako G-508 POL


Sensor type


Shutter type

Pregius Global shutter

Sensor size

Type 2/3

Pixel size

3.45 μm × 3.45 μm


5.0 Megapixel; 2464 (H) × 2056 (V)

Frame rate

23.7 fps

Default lens mount



Mako cameras – ultra-compact and affordable
The Mako is an attractively priced camera in an ultra-compact rugged industrial housing. It's equipped with either GigE Vision- or USB3 Vision-compliant interface technology to enable a reliable connection to the host system and image processing solution. Basic functionalities, including screw mount RJ45 connector and multiple I/Os, facilitate straightforward system integration. Mako cameras are equipped with CCD and the latest high-quality CMOS sensors to support the realization of future-oriented applications. Thanks to Allied Vision’s Vimba Software Development Kit they can be integrated and operated within diverse imaging processing systems very easily.

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