Nerian 3D depth camera application

Automatic parcel induction and sorting for the last mile

Automatic Induction System with Stereo Vision Camera

Automatic parcel sorter

In collaboration with the Bern University of Applied Science and the innovation specialist CSEM (Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Micro-technique), Prolistic has developed an automatic induction system for the flexible parcel sorting system, eSorter. lncoming parcels are dumped and channeled to a conveyor.

A 3D vision system and neural network detect individual parcels and their pose. With this information, a robot picks each parcel individually and orients it correctly on an output conveyor.

The challenge

The growing e-commerce demand requires automatic parcel handling systems. Today, most automated parcel sorters use manual induction for the last mile. This method is slow, tedious and physically demanding.

The solution

Switzerland based Prolistic GmbH has developed a low-cost automatic parcel induction system for their eSorter system. It combines a Nerian 3D stereo vision system, neuronal networks and robotics.

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