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Prosilica GX 1920

Prosilica GX 1920
Prosilica GX 1920
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The fastest Gigabit Ethernet cameras in the world - 240MB/s


Prosilica GX 1920 with Sony ICX674 runs 40.0 frames per second at 2.8 MP resolution.

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Technical data

Interface IEEE 802.3 1000baseT
Resolution 1936 (H) × 1456 (V)
Sensor Sony ICX674
Sensor type CCD Progressive
Sensor size Type 2/3
Pixel size 4.54 µm × 4.54 µm
Shutter mode Global shutter
Lens mount (default) C-Mount
Max. frame rate at full resolution 40 fps
ADC 14 Bit
Image buffer (RAM) 128 MByte
Bit depth 14 (monochrome); 12 (color) Bit
Monochrome pixel formats Mono8, Mono12, Mono12Packed, Mono14
Raw pixel formats BayerRG8, BayerRG12, BayerGR12Packed
Operating temperature 0 °C to +50 °C ambient (without condensation)
Power requirements (DC) 10 to 24 VDC
Power consumption 5.3 W at 12 VDC (Single GigE Mode); 6.2 W at 12 VDC (Dual GigE Mode)
Mass 269 g
Body dimensions (L × W × H in mm) 108.1 × 53.3 × 33 (including connectors)
Regulations CE: 2014/30/EU (EMC), 2011/65/EU, including amendment 2015/863/EU (RoHS); FCC Class A; CAN ICES-003

Prosilica GX1920 features include:

  • 3-axis motorized lens control
  • Video-type auto iris
  • Region of interest (ROI), DSP subregion (selectable ROI for auto features)
  • Binning (Sum)
  • Auto gain (manual gain control: 0 to 24 dB)
  • Auto exposure (manual exposure controls: 10 µs to 26.8 s)
  • Auto white balance
  • StreamBytesPerSecond (bandwidth control)
  • Stream hold
  • Sync out modes: Trigger ready, input, exposing, readout, imaging, strobe, GPO
  • Global shutter (digital shutter)
  • Recorder and Multiframe acquisition modes
  • Event channel
  • Chunk data
  • Storable user sets

Prosilica GX1920 is ideal for a wide range of applications including:

  • Industrial inspection
  • Machine vision
  • LCD panel inspection
  • Medical imaging
  • Ophthalmology
  • Aeronautical and aerospace
  • Public security
  • Surveillance
  • Traffic imaging
  • OEM applications


This is a download archive for discontinued Prosilica GX cameras.

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