The year so far: Modular, SWIR, and high-speed CoaXPress cameras

As we are gearing up towards VISION 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany where we will be unveiling a new exciting range of cameras, we wanted to provide you with a recap of the camera models that we have released so far in 2018.

Machine vision cameras released in 2018

Manta modular cameras

Earlier this year we introduced the Manta G-158 and G-040.  Equipped with the Sony IMX273 and IMX287 Exmor CMOS sensors both cameras offer excellent image quality and an extended feature set. For those of you who want further information on those sensors, we have compiled two videos that compare the Sony IMX273 and the IMX287 CMOS sensors with equivalent CCD’s.

In addition, the Manta G-158 and G-040 are available with a selection of optional alternative designs and components for applications where a standard machine vision camera cannot be used. Options include lens mounts, angled-head housings, board-level, optical filters, and sensor surface options. The following video highlights these options.


TECless and TEC1 SWIR cameras

In April 2018 we released our first TECless and TEC1 Goldeye cameras. Goldeye cameras are short-wave infrared (SWIR) cameras featuring InGaAs sensor technology making them the perfect choice for demanding and cost sensitive industrial applications beyond the visible spectrum. They are available with either a Camera Link (CL- models) or a GigE Vision (G- models) interface.

The TECless Goldeye G/CL-033 camera models are well suited for applications in temperature-stable environments where they will deliver high quality images with outstanding low noise performance (low read-out noise of 32 electrons in high gain mode).

The Goldeye G/CL-008 Cool TEC1 camera models are designed for applications with high temperature fluctuations. They are equipped with a nitrogen filled cooling chamber, which encloses the sensor and the single-stage thermo-electric cooler (TEC1) to enable low-noise imaging in the spectral range from 900 nm to 1,700 nm. This avoids condensation on the sensor and makes them especially useful in warm and humid environments.

If you would like to learn more about the influence of temperature on image quality in NIR and SWIR cameras, please watch the following presentation from chii2018:


High-speed cameras with CoaXPress interface

In July 2018 we introduced Bonito PRO, a new family of high-speed/high-bandwidth cameras with a CoaXPress interface featuring four CXP-6 high-speed connections.

The Bonito PRO X-2620 and Bonito PRO X-1250 camera models support the high-resolution ON Semi PYTHON 26.2 MP and 12.5 MP CMOS sensors. They are available in monochrome and color versions, as well as NIR versions for increased sensitivity over the whole visible and near infrared spectral range.

Bonito PRO cameras offer a wide range of features including sequencer control, which allows users to configure up to 32 sets of different frame parameters, and Multiple Regions of Interest, which can be used to configure up to four non-overlapping regions of interest.

We have put the Bonito PRO X-2620C to work to capture scenes of daily life. In the following video you can watch someone messily pouring coffee and milk in a cup at 450 frames per second. The video includes a slow-motion replay of the action at 15 frames per second.


Other machine vision cameras

Several other models were also released in May 2018, including the ultra-compact Mako G-040 and Mako G-158 featuring the Sony IMX287 and IMX273 Exmor CMOS sensors, and the 5.1 MP high performance Prosilica GT2460 with a Sony IMX264 sensor.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about any of these cameras, please contact our sales team today.



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