A closer look at the New Manta G-158 machine vision camera (video)

Reviewing the Manta G-158's features, including its Sony IMX273 CMOS sensor.

After comparing the Manta G-158's Sony IMX273 CMOS sensor with the ICX445 CCD sensor a few weeks ago, we continue our look at this camera and its technical specifications: From its sensor to its GigE Vision interface with advanced functionality, rich feature set, and modular options.

Watch the video now to learn more: 


Learn more about the Manta G-158 camera

Manta G-158 is a 1.58 Megapixel machine vision camera with a GigE compliant Gigabit Ethernet port and Hirose I/O port. The Manta G-158 is offered in monochrome and color models. At full resolution, this camera achieves 75.3 frames per second. With a smaller region of interest, higher frame rates are possible.



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