Cameras for Traffic Monitoring and ITS

Allied Vision has been developing and delivering best of breed ITS-ready cameras for more than 20 years. We have developed cameras to meet almost every ITS application, ranging from low resolution VGA devices for single application monitoring requirements up to 29 Megapixel devices for the continuous monitoring of multi-lane environments. No matter your requirements, we are dedicated to working with you to provide you with the best imaging solution for your ITS / traffic imaging application. 

Committed to quality

As a result of our commitment to quality we guarantee our cameras for 3 years, even in the most extreme traffic imaging conditions, and our ability to offer a 3-year guarantee has been proven over more than a decade with a demonstrably higher mean time between failure (MTBF).

Allied Vision’s Prosilica GT camera family has an extended temperature range from -20 to +65⁰C ambient temperature.  This can be further extended through the introduction of enclosure heaters in environments where temperatures routinely fall below -40⁰C/F.  

Complete solutions for traffic imaging

Because of extensive market analysis and understanding Allied Vision has focused on what matters to transport agencies, ITS system integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).  Our cameras offer a range of features created specifically to meet not only your current traffic imaging needs but also your future ITS requirements, such as triggering and pre-triggering capabilities to seamlessly integrate with existing ITS systems and technologies. 

Focused on the future

While our cameras are used in ITS applications covering almost every geography, and accommodating almost all ITS applications, including tolling systems, Open Road Charging, red light running, speed enforcement and a host of other applications, Allied Vision is focused on the future, and has become a thought leader within ITS, developing solutions which not only meet current demand, but are focused on solutions to meet your next generation ITS requirements such as Integrated Corridor Management and Smart transportation in General.  

Any questions? Please click here to get in touch with us. One of our sales professionals will be pleased to answer your questions and assist you in selecting the best camera solution for your ITS and traffic monitoring application.