Highest image quality for Embedded Applications

ALVIUM 1800 C-2460 with SONY IMX540 CMOS Sensor


Alvium 1800 C-2460 with Pregius S sensor

The perfect choice for high-performance embedded vision applications!

Equipped with the Sony IMX540 Global Shutter CMOS sensor, this CSI-2 camera module comes with a very high resolution of 24.6MP for images with fine details and very low noise.

In addition, the 1800 C-2460 can achieve up to 21 frames per second. Together with our open source driver for Nvidia Jetson systems it now also  supports 10-bit and 12-bit raw pixel formats. All our CSI-2 cameras further support precise single image triggering also via external inputs for exact analysis results in demanding embedded vision applications.

Benefits at a glance

  • Highest possible resolution packed into small camera design
  • Industrial grade hardware, robust design
  • Precise triggering functionality
  • One driver fits all: Quickly integrate Alvium cameras and exchange models easily
  • Precise sensor-to-lens mount alignment

Hardware options

  • Housings: Bare board or open housing
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