Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Können Kameras brauchbare Daten für ITS Applikationen liefern?

Haben Sie unser erstes ITS-Webinar verpasst? Kein Problem, der Mitschnitt ist ab sofort verfügbar!

Das erste ITS-Webinar fand am 11. November 2014 statt mit dem Thema:

Can valuable ITS data be delivered using camera technologies?

Haben Sie es verpasst? Kein Problem: Der Mitschnitt ist ab sofort auf unserem YouTube-Kanal AlliedVisionTV verfügbar (in englischer Sprache).

Traditionally Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) data has been collected using a variety of sensors, approaches and techniques.  Some of these use simple technologies, offering a narrow view of reasonably robust data; some claim to deliver more data, through complicated technology, linked to equally as intricate processes, but delivering less robust data.

If we accept that data, once processed becomes information, which once categorized becomes intelligence, we must also accept that weaknesses or omissions in any part of this chain can substantially affect the quality of the data, information and subsequent intelligence we receive.

This webinar discusses different forms of data collection, such as electro-magnetic loops and side-swipe radar, and specifically how camera technologies could be used to collect an unparalleled quality of traffic data.