A detailed look at the New Manta G-040 camera

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Reviewing the camera's technical specifications in this new video.

Following last week's post comparing the Manta G-040's Sony IMX287 CMOS sensor with equivalent CCD models, we continue our look at the Manta G-040 machine vision camera.

Learn more about the Manta G-040 camera

Manta G-040 is a 0.40 Megapixel machine vision camera with a GigE compliant Gigabit Ethernet port and Hirose I/O port. Manta G-040 incorporates the high quality type 1/2.9 (6.3 mm diagonal) Sony IMX287 CMOS sensor with Pregius global shutter technology. The Sony IMX287 CMOS sensor provides high frame rates, high sensitivity, and excellent picture quality.

This new video highlights the camera's technical specifications from its sensor to its GigE Vision interface with advanced functionality, rich feature set, and modular options.

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