Deep learning on Jetson Xavier with Allied Vision Alvium cameras

Allied Vision's Alvium cameras are part of deep learning applications by Antmicro

NVIDIA Xavier: Enabling AI at the edge with Alvium


Deep learning with Allied Vision's Alvium

The latest addition to the Jetson lineup is the Xavier AGX, providing a significant speed boost thanks to the new Turing architecture and an increased number of both GPU and CPU cores, as well as additional specialized units such as the open source NVDLA (Deep Learning Accelerators). 

In collaboration with Antmicro, a development of a dedicated deep learning demo including the Xavier has started. Providing its embedded expertise Antmicro builds a camera driver stack that leverages the advantages of the Alvium platform on the one hand and corresponds to how the embedded Jetson platform works internally on the other, which is badly needed in the world of embedded cameras.

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More information about our partnership with Antmicro here.