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Selected accessories for 100% performance

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Every digital camera is only as good as the accessories with which it transfers image data to its host system. Our range of accessories is designed to deliver best possible image quality to your application with the greatest possible reliability. Never underestimate the role played by accessories in the overall performance of your image-processing system. Consult our experts for professional advice!

The right optics for your camera... and your application
Lenses by Allied Vision

Choosing the right lens is essential to the image quality delivered by your camera. We offer a large choice of professional optics from leading lens manufacturers we partner with. Each lens in our range has been exhaustively tested to ensure that we can recommend the best one for your camera. Ask for advice to find the right lens for your application!

GigE cable

High-performance cables à la carte

Quality cables are key to secure the connection of your camera to your system. Is your camera attached to the arm of a robot or on a drag chain? We have preselected and tested a range of industry-compatible interface cables for you that stand up to flexing and torsion. Length, connector, screw-lock or not... Thanks to our co-operation with leading industrial cable manufacturers, we can tailor your individual cable according to your needs.

GigE interface card

Optimal networking

Do you want to operate a multicamera network over long distances? Every component of your camera network may be a bandwidth bottleneck. We have selected the interface cards, hubs, and repeaters you need to achieve the highest performance for your imaging system.